The Franco-Irish Exchange Programme 2018

Exchanges have long been recognised as one of the best ways for young people to improve their knowledge of languages, to broaden their horizons and to make lasting friendships with people of other cultures. And what better country for a student exchange than France? France is not only food and fashion: it is a large and powerful country (population 63 million) with a dynamic industrial and agricultural economy. A country steeped in history with a great literary and philosophical tradition and a beautiful language. The geographical situation of France, at the crossroads of Europe and the Mediterranean, together with its diplomatic and political influence, give it a key role in the European Union. Speaking French is a career advantage.

The Irish participant travels to France by air and spends approximately two to three weeks in his/her exchange partner's home. In turn, the French participants spend a similar period in the Irish homes. The exchange is open to Irish and French secondary school students from 13 to 18. It is understood that at least one parent in the host family will be free to take care of their guest during his/her stay in Ireland. The Irish family is expected to meet the French participant at the airport on arrival. The Irish participant will be met in turn on arrival in France by the French host family.

General remarks
The normal costs of hosting a student (including excursions, visits, sports, etc.) are borne by the host families, French and Irish. Participants should be provided with adequate pocket money. REMEMBER THIS IS AN EXCHANGE, the success of which depends on the behaviour of the participants abroad and the enthusiasm of the parents and the host family during their foreign guest's stay with them. We expect our Irish participants to have a positive attitude toward France and the French way of life - and not least the food! The vast majority of Irish participants will have a great time, some will have an average holiday, some, (a very few), may get a little homesick. But all will improve their French if they try. Representatives will be available in both countries to advise and assist parents and participants during the period of the exchange. We are confident that French participants will get a traditional Irish welcome and that they will feel at home in Ireland. Remember that French participants are highly motivated and their main objective is to improve their spoken English. All French participants will have medical, accident and repatriation insurance.

This exchange programme is coordinated in France by the FRANCO-IRISH EXCHANGE PROGRAMME (Les Echanges Franco-Irlandais), a French based non-profit organisation (Association à but non lucratif). The founder of the FRANCO-IRISH EXCHANGE PROGRAMME is Mr Michael Mac Bride who has been living in France for 35 years. He founded an exchange programme in 1977 and has been involved with exchange and language holidays since then. The association, LES ECHANGES FRANCO-IRLANDAIS, finds candidates for the programme in France and in Ireland and coordinates the matching of candidates.

Bienvenue en France

Les Echanges Franco-Irlandais
BP n 40295, 75228 Paris Cedex 05, FRANCE
Tel: 00 33 1 40 46 93 50 or (01) 853 0428